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Lyceum Ballroom

Artist: Theatre of Hate

Year: 0
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Fun Tapes & Chaos 001
Format: Tape
A1 Solution  
A2 The Original Sin  
A3 The Wake  
A4 ?  
A5 Love Is A Ghost  
A6 Incinerator  
A7 The Klan  
A8 Nero  
B1 Nero  
B2 Conquistator  
B3 The Hop  
B4 63  
B5 Do You Believe In The Westworld  
B6 Judgement Hymn  
B7 Propaganda  
B8 Poppies  
B9 Legion  
This tape is probably unofficial. It is a live recording without a recording date. Probably the same live show as the official live tape by Straight Music ( because the titel states "Straight Music Presents"? But this tape has one more song, different songs and a different sequence. "The Hop" was probably cut at the end of side A and ends on side B.
There is no track list. the track list was done by listening and identifying the tracks.