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Luna Bisonte Prods

Years running:
Country: United States
Since 1974, Luna Bisonte Prods has published a wide variety of experimental, avant-garde, audio, and visual literature in a wide variety of formats by artists from all over the world. Among the authors and artists published are such major and emerging figures as Ivan Argüelles, Sheila E. Murphy, Jim Leftwich, Andrew Topel, Carlos M. Luis, Scott Helmes, Jake Berry, John M. Bennett, Susan Smith Nash, Al Ackerman, Bob Heman, Richard Kostelanetz, Charles Henri Ford, Dick Higgins, Robin Crozier, and many many others.
Items are also distributed through such bookstores as City Lights Bookstore and Small Press Traffic in San Francisco, Powell’s Books in Portland, OR, The William Busta Gallery in Cleveland, and Printed Matter Bookstore in New York City.