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Long String Installations 1982-1985 (with Johan Goedhart)

Artist: Paul Panhuysen

Year: 1986
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Apollo Records AR 088502
Format: Vinyl Lp-3
Spezification: Box-Set


A The Twins 20:40
B1 Standing Waves 10:48
B2 Circus 10:13
C Two Symmetric Automats 20:54
D1 Jan Huygen I 10:01
D2 Jan Huygen II 10:04
E1 The Paal 1 9:28
E2 Day-Glo 6:23
E3 Steel Band 5:18
F1 Spider 3:00
F2 Splitlevel 2:30
F3 Carillon 2:45
F4 Gymnasium 2:00
F5 Requiem 2:30
F6 The Paal 2 4:56
F7 Two Symmetric Automats 2:59

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'The twins' recorded at Metronom (Barcelona, Spain), 5.6.1985.
'Standing waves' recorded at Kunstlerhaus, (Stuttgart, Germany), 20.5.1985.
'Circus' recorded at l'ancien Cirque d'hiver (Liege, Belgium), 21.4.1985.
'Two symmetric automats', 'Jan Huygen I & II', 'Day glo' recorded at Werkstatt Südstadt (Hannover, Germany), 29.6.1985.
'The Paal' recorded at Municipal Museum (Arnhem, The Netherlands), 25.5-1.8.1985.
'Steelband' recorded at Het Klein (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), 15.6.1985.
'Spider' recorded at Het Apollohuis (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), 28-30.5.1983
'Splitleve' recorded at Cultureel Sentrum (Tilburg, The Netherlands), 26-28.8.1983.
'Carillon' recorded at De Kijkschuur (Acquoy, The Netherlands), 10.3-24.4.1984.
'Gymnasium' recorded at Provinciaal Museum voor Actuele Kunst (Hasselt, Belgium), 8.6-8.7.1984.
'Requiem' recorded at Espace Nord 251 (Liege, Belgium), 20.4-15.5.1985.