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Leyline Lords Of The Motorway Web

Artist: Rancid Poultry

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Land of Yrx Products, BASL 28
Format: Tape
A1 Poultrescent Introduction  
A2 Leyline Lords Of The Motorway Web/Spiral Galaxy 490018  
A3 Otley  
A4 Methane Avenue  
A5 Halo Round The Moon  
A6 Edgar Frozen  
A7 Stereotype  
A8 Dastardly Deeds At The Anus Of Time  
B1 The Weirded Lady  
B2 McRobert  
B3 Electro-Transport Jellyfish  
B4 Nitrous Oxide Funeral  
B5 French Is Now Mort  
  • Guitar, Bass, Electronics, Harmonica, Percussion – Mackeral 'Rub It' Cloth*
  • Guitar, Electronics, Recorder, Harmonica, Percussion, Voice – Risotto Drake Erogenous*