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Lady in Red

Artist: Brobat Enema

Year: 1982
Country: Netherlands
Label: Exart
Catalog No: Exart EA005
Format: Tape
A1 Animals  
A2 Refuse In My Prepuce  
A3 What Do You Think I Came Downstairs For?  
A4 Social Activity  
B1 Readymade Suit  
B2 Organization Of Computer Duration  
B3 Gently Sex Penis  
B4 Tequila  
B5 Spin The Bottle  
B6 Not Exactly What You Expected  
B7 Essentially Wanting A Group  
B8 Bored To Boogie  
B9 Sello Tape  
B10 Blues Cooperation Composition  
B11 There's A Hair In My G-String  
B12 My Old Man's A Dustman  
Side A: Live at St Chad's, Durham, U.K.

On this release the label is called Exart Cassettes.