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Kinetic Experiments

Artist: Anode

Year: 1979
Country: United States
Catalog No: Anode Productions
Format: Tape
A1   25 in High  
A2   Cacophano I  
A3   The Fish Milk Syndrome  
A4   Hopeless Vendetta  
A5   A 30 Split Of Meat  
A6   Hagstrom Reacts To A 30 Split Of Meat  
A7   Harold Spills The Beans  
A8   If It Rains In Seattle  
A9   Little Deaths  
A10   Trouble / Sleeping  
A11   Collapse Of A System Of Details Part 1  
A12   Admiram Platsche  
A13   Goteborg  
A14   Thesis / Antithesis  
A15   Obsessive Music  
B1   Luxus  
B2   Something Terribly Wrong  
B3   Spider On Glass  
B4   Small Events And Delicate Sadnesses  
B5   Dreams Of Sleeping  
B6   Technical Aphasis  
B7   Faces Of Memory