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Kapotte Muziek

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: One of the most renowned and acclaimed projects dealing in experimental post-industrial and art noise, it was started in Holland in 1984 by Frans DE WAARD (b. 1965), also known as FREIBAND and SHIFTS and for running the KORM PLASTICS label with its numerous sub-labels, e.g. INDUSTRIA TEPA, OPUS DEI SOCIETY, BAKE RECORDS or PLINKITY PLONK RECORDS. In the first three years of its operation, when he cooperated with Christian NIJS (1965-2002), its compositions were inspired by the industrial avant-garde of rock music and involved electronic textures which were heavily pro- cessed: looped, partially and completely deconstructed with the use of cut-up techniques. From 1987 to 1993, in addition to the project which he ran single-handedly, DE WAARD successfully cooperated with other artists, e.g. as THU20 and BEEQUEEN, as a music critic and editor of an inde- pendent magazine “VITAL” (later renamed “VITAL WEEKLY”), and last but not least as a regular associate of a major record and distribution label STAALPLAAT. His compositions became refined and closer to electroaco- ustic experiments inspired by the academic avant-garde of electronic music both structurally and formally. He concentrated on creative pro- cessing material received from his artist friends, including MERZBOW, DE FABRIEK, ODAL or Asmus TIETCHENS; he explored its sonic possibili- ties and added to its sonic ambiguousness. In 1993 KAPOTTE MUZIEK were joined by Peter DUIMELINKS (b. 1969) and Roel MEELKOP (b. 1963), with whom he also formed the GOEM group and a number of other occasional projects. e.g. ZEBRA (a duo with Roel MEELKOP). Personnel changes didn’t have considerable effect on the composition methods. They continued to rely on multi-level deformation of input sonic material, with the only diffe- rence being that now they complied with ideas found in free improvisation rules, as the group’s aim was to compose highly abstract and unpredictable music which evades any aesthetic and stylistic categorisation. Selected discography: Raw Sounds Vol. 1 (Kapotte Tapes 1984) tape Gematria (Opus Dei Society 1985) tape Gilles De Rais (Nihilistic Recordings 1986) tape as POST DESTRUCTION MUSIC Mijn Nederland (Opus Dei Society 1986) tape Report On The Year Of Random Music (Korm Plastics 1988) tape collaboration with DE FABRIEK Music For Bibliotheken (De Fabriek ???) tape collaboration with SWAB SOUND HORROR Les Six Livres (Interrupt Product 1989) tape collaboration with MERZBOW Documentation / Collaboration (Korm Plastics 1990) LP History Is What Was (IF Records 1990) LP Interaction (Lunhare 1990) 2 x CD-R Utilities (An Album Of Collaborations) (Petri Supply 1990) LP