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Kalckreuth Keks

Artist: Gen Ken Montgomery

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 The Big Ocean  
A2 Over My Head  
A3 Curls For Girls  
A4 In Die Nacht  
A5 Alien Landscape  
A6 Invisibility  
A7 Ha Ha!  
A8 Good Time  
A9 Friedhof  
B1 Violin No. 3  
B2 Tuning Down  
B3 Computer No. 1  
B4 Waiting...  
B5 Come Along  
B6 Circuit Cirkus  
B7 Just Dancing  
B8 Big Swim (Part 2)  
B9 End Of The Night  
special thanks to Conrad Schnitzler, Gillie + Ulrike!
Limited edition of 100 numbered copies.
Probably on Conrad Schnitzler's Transmitter Tapes.