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Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Description: Rolf Julus, a seminal audiovisual artist from Germany (1939-2011), a graduate of a number of art schools and winner of many major awards. Having debuted in the mid 1970s, inspired by John CAGE and the FLUXUS move- ment, he created works whose aim was to connect sound with image and the natural environment. His music (which he himself dubbed “Small Music”), economical in acoustics and arrangement-wise, occupied the borderlands between noise-like silence and subtle noise. It was produced with the use of simple instruments, e.g. the piano, field recordings and antimusical sounds, such as those of loudspeakers at work or tape moving in a tape recorder. This was set in the context of untypical locations and scenarios, e.g. on a frozen lake, bamboo forest or the Amazon jungle in the wet season, complemented with his own photography, paintings and video art works. Through his work he aimed at evoking rapture about the beauty of nature, which he regarded as an inseparable combination of all senses and elements. Discography: Konzert Fu?r Einen Gefrorenen See (Fu?r Milan Knizak) (Rolf Julius 1980) tape Afrikan. Klavierkonzerte (1 + 2) (Rolf Julius 1980) tape Polonaise / Walzer Fu?r Ein Dreieck (Rolf Julius 1981) tape Walzer Fu?r Ein Dreieck (Edition Giannozzo Berlin 1981) 7” EP Musik F??r Einen Kleinen Weiben Raum (Installation Und Aktion) (Rolf Julius 1981) tape Musik Fu?r Die Ohren (Edition Giannozzo Berlin 1983) tape Lullaby For The Fishes (Ku?nstlerhaus Bethanien 1985) LP