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It's Not Too Late (Don't Sorrow)

Artist: Wolfsheim

Year: 1992
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Strange Ways Records, WAY 27
Format: Vinyl 12"

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[Rear sleeve]
Additional voices by: Daniela and Melanie of the Stollberger Nightingales

C+P 1992 Strange Ways Records / Carlos / Eisenberg [Logo] / Peron

Recorded, mixed, arranged and produced by Alvarez/Navaho/Peròn a.k.a. NINE·O·NINE at Musik Design, Aachen.
XQX Mastering-the new digital invention of NINE·O·NINE
· Made in Germany ·

Ich wünsch't es wäre Nacht und WOLFSHEIM kämen!
J.A. 1992

Strange Ways Records · Flensburger Straße 81 · ? 0421·39 61 568 · Fax 0421·39 63 752

Rank[logo] & flux

C+P 1992 Strange Ways Records, Carlos/Eisenberg/Peron
·Made in Germany·
Produced by Carlos Peron
in Association with NINE·O·NINE

Catalog# WAY 27 appears on rear sleeve.
Catalog# EFA 11077-02 appears on labels and spine.