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In The Land of Cerberus

Artist: PCR (Partidul Comunist Român)

Year: 1988
Country: Germany
Label: Prion
Catalog No: Prion Tapes; PR13
Format: Tape
A1 In Der Nacht Sterben  
A2 Horror  
A3 A Great Big Kiss  
A4 Das Radiolied  
A5 Arnold Schoenberg Letters  
B1 Australian Monks  
B2 Passage  
B3 Cerberus  
B4 Standstill  
Liner notes: "These are the first attempts to put together the work of PCR."

The material dates from 1985-1988.

A1 is unreleased from 1/1986.
A2 is unreleased from 11/1995.
A3 is unreleased from 12/1987.
A4 is unreleased from 9/1986.
A5 is unreleased from 12/1987.
B1 is unreleased from 3/1986.
B2 is from 5/1986 and was first released on P.C.R. - Im Namen Des....
B3 is unreleased from 2/1987.
B4 is unreleased from 8/1985.