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In My Blood

Artist: Girls On Fire

Year: 1985
Country: France
Label: Vita Nova
Catalog No: Vita Nova, VN 005
Format: Tape
A01 I Had A Cow  
A02 Grace Kelly Never Used  
A03 The Word Fuck  
A04 Picasso's Ghost  
A05 Under Wear With No Holes  
A06 Cat Vomit Punk House  
B01 The Almighty Beat  
B02 The Sky Up I, The Sky  
B03 Sick Of Don'ts  
B04 Gun + Gum  
B05 Skyscrapers Are Maternal  
B06 Ron Gilmore  
B07 In My Blood  
B08 Sweeper  
B09 Portugal  
B10 Helen Schwab  
B11 Rotten Bananas  
Cat Vomit on A6 by "Clara Lusardi"