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In And Outside The Aluminum Box

Artist: Gregorian George

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Violet Glass Oracle Tapes, VGO 001
Format: Tape
A1 Boondock Psychotic  
A2 Happy Emergency  
A3 Nature Purges Mankind  
A4 Unnatural Beast  
A5 Steel Coated Man  
A6 Antagonized Paradise  
A7 Electrocuted Ant In Pantry  
A8 Stone Pile March  
A9 Troll Stomps Friendly Creatures  
A10 Shot Down And Neutralized Hopefully Grim  
A11 Mutant Creature Carnival Interrupted By Auto  
A12 Urban Time Clock Running Out  
B1 Hillbilly Whining Despair  
B2 Jackal Walking Joy Dance  
B3 Prodding Dilemma Comes To Surface  
B4 Insects Bore Into Homestead While Being Built  
B5 Down She Goes Into A Watery Grave  
B6 Mirage In Steel Tub  
B7 Genuine Fullfillment Of A Real Woman  
B8 Stranin  
B9 Ernie