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Il Pozzo Canta

Artist: Cora & The WCs

Year: 1986
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Radio Art Foundation
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A Il Pozzo Canta (1)  
B Il Pozzo Canta (2)  
  • Artwork By – Zintah
  • Performer [Rocks, Tibetan Bowls], Voice Actor, Vocals – Cora*
  • Performer [Rubber Tube], Mixed By, Voice Actor, Artwork By [Cover Design, Computer Graphics] – Willem De Ridder
  • Recorded By [Field Recordings] – Cora*, Willem De Ridder
  • Voice Actor, Performer [Tibetan Bowls] – Bernard Crijns
Published By Radio Art Foundation, Alexander Boersstraat 30, Amsterdam, Holland. Two musical landscapes from Ireland, Belgium, Holland and Inside..
Comes in an A5 carton box with artprint by Zintah and Tapes For Dying catalogue.