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I Love You More Than The Washing Up

Artist: Guy De Bièvre

Year: 1985
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Gezonde Boerse Copulaties, GBC 016
Format: Tape
Spezification: C60
A1 Movie Club Can Be Fun  
A2 Little Figurines 1  
A3 Little Figurines 2  
A4 Sweet Syncopation  
A5 I Love You More Than The Washing Up  
A6 It's Far More Fun In Stereo  
A7 Hark!  
A8 I Turned My Profession Into A Hobby  
A9 The End Of The World  
B1 Desesperate Man  
B2 Black Man Cannot Play Psychedelic Pop Blues  
B3 The Swiging Blues  
B4 Match The Mood  
B5 If It's Listed Here... We Have It!  
B6 Even The Civil War Had It's Cheesecake  
B7 Petits Coeurs  
B8 Ghetto Oshock Ola  
B9 Dub Oshock Ola  
B10 Sic Transit Gloria Swanson  
B11 Dance With Swiging And Wrestling Swung By Girls And Wrestled Boys  
B12 Je T'aime, Moineau "Plus" (Swansong)