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Hunting Lodge

Gender: Male
Country: United States
An American industrial music group operating from 1981 to 1989, with Lon C. DIEHL and Richard “RUSCH” SKOTT (b. 1963) as the core members. They first played in a few lesser known post-punk groups at the end of 1970s and in early 1980s (PROBLEM and HATE/GREY) and also edited an independent music magazine, ”SMARM”, which later turned into the S/M OPERATIONS record label. In 1982-1983, the group was officially joined by Karl NOR DSTROM, and in 1985 by Helmut ROBISON. Theirs was a musical output evincing clear influences by the industrial avant-garde of rock music (e.g. TG, SP.K and 23SKIDOO). It was produced with both a set of traditional instruments (such as percussion, guitars and syn- thesizer) as well as synthetically prepared bruitist textures pre-recorded on tape, the distorted sound of a drum machine, and mixed, often looped, samples from films. Thematically, it was concerned with themes from the borderland intersection of death, sexual perversity and an appreciation of decaying human corpses. Discography: 23 Minutes Of Murder (S/M Operations 1982) tape Harrington Ballroom (S/M Operations 1982) tape Exhumed (Datenverabeitung 1983) tape Night From Night (S/M Operations 1983) 7” EP Will (Dark Vinyl Records 1983) CD Nomad Souls (Side Effects 1984) LP The Harvest (Inner X Musick 1985) tape Tribal Warning Shot (S/M Operations 1985) 12” EP 8 Ball (Normal 1987) CD This Is Truth (Normal 1987) 12” EP Carnivora! (Permise De Construire Deutschland 1989) CD
released also on Datenverarbeitung