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Hijokaidan & Incapacitants

Gender: Male
Country: Japan
Description: A renowned art noise project by Yoshiyuki HIROSHIGE (b. 1959), a Japa- nese composer and performance artist, also known for appearing under a number of other monikers, e.g. JOJO, KISHIDASHIN, and with psychedelic groups, such as SLAP HAPPY HUMPHREY and GENBAKUKAIDAN. He started out musically in the late 1970s in RASENKAIDAN, a rock/jazz guitar impro- visation group. In 1979 he started HIJOKAIDAN, a project influenced by the works of FUSHITSUSHA, AMM, LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY and the noise of airplanes taking off at a nearby airport. Although it has undergone a good deal of personnel changes, artistically the project benefited most from inclusion of Toshiji MIKAWA, Fumio KOSAKAI (both of INCAPACITANTS) and JUNKO, HIROSHIGE’s wife. Initially, they gained renown for their daring performances, full of acts of violence, sickening practices (regur- gitation, defecation) and destruction (throwing waste, food and pieces of deliberately damaged musical instruments at the audience). Musically, they relied on cacophonous guitar feedback, arrhythmic use of percussion instru- ments and irregular, expressive vocal parts. With time, the para-theatrical form of their concerts was increasingly dropped for a traditional formula, while the music itself was breakneck noise improvisation, achieved through the versatile use of analogue guitar multi-effect units, noise generators, prepared noise instruments and synthesizers. In 1984 HIROSHIGE launched ALCHEMY RECORDS, one of the most acclaimed and recognised imprints to propagate the Japanese noise and psychelelic/free jazz artists. Discography: Shumatsu Shorijo (Alchemy Records 1980) CD 1 (Alchemy Records 1982) CD Viva Angel (Alchemy Records 1984) CD King Of Noise (Alchemy Records 1985) CD split with INCAPACITANTS 8000 (Alchemy Records 1985) tape Tapes (Alchemy Records 1986) CD Limited Edition (Alchemy Records 1987) LP Live And Confused (Alchemy Records / RRRecords 1988) VHS No Paris / No Harm (Alchemy Records 1988) LP (Do You Remember) Piss Factory? (Alchemy Records 1989) VHS Modern (Alchemy Records 1989) CD as JOJO collaboration with SAKEVI Mammalia (Rest Records ???) LP