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Het Zweet

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: An solo project by Marien Van OERS, a Dutch composer of post-industrial varieties of electronic music. He debuted in 1982 as FORCED RUN. A year later he assumed the HET ZWEET moniker, and along with LAST FEW DAYS, CRASH WORSHIP, TEST DEPARTMENT and BOURBONESE QUALK became a major artist to fuse the industrial music aesthetics with hypnotic ritual references to tribal ancient cultures. He employed various percus- sion instruments, everyday objects, self-produced installations for genera- ting unique bruitist textures, as well as phrases repeatedly delivered with his own voice. After 1988 he ceased his artistic activities and focused on gainful employment as an accordionist with wedding reception bands. Discography: split with FORCED RUN (Staalplaat 1984) tape Untitled (Stride 1984) tape Fase (Staalplaat 1984) tape Massive Trance (Zweepslag ???) tape Zweepslag 1+2 (Sound Of Pig 1986) tape Het Zweet (Dossier 1987) LP