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Hear to Eternity

Artist: Steven Jason Halpern

Year: 1983
Country: United States
Catalog No: Halpern Sounds, HS793
Format: Tape
  Side I: Hear To Eternity
A1 Invocation  
A2 Hendrix In Dreamland  
A3 Sands Of Time  
A4 Midnight In The Oasis  
A5 Vision Of Tomorrow  
  Side II: Hear To Eternity
B1 Temple Bells  
B2 Capoeira  
B3 Funky Capoiera  
B4 Inside Saturn's Rings  
B5 Inside The Great Pyramid  
HEAR TO ETERNITY weaves a timeless tapestry of sound that draws on Steven's vision of the mystic past – and future – of music. This recording has been known to stimulate marvelous imagery in the mind of the listener, as well as to get many others up and In ways that they had not ever done before in this lifetime.

This music is featured on several of world-famous researcher/author Brad Steiger's tapes for past-life recall. But even without his guiding words, this music is a trip!

Enjoy the ride!

This recording is not intended for use as background music. You may listen lying down, but must give your full attention to the music. It is great to listen to – exercise to – dance to – by yourself, with the lights down and a candle on, or with a lover.

Side 1 centers around a ritually hypnotic rhythm. Each reappearance of the theme brings additional variation of the instrumentation. It is highly recommended to listen on headphones.

Side II begins with Tibetan bells and Chinese gongs, then moves with the infectious rhythms of the Brazilian capoeira music. We continue through time with some interstellar voyaging music, and end with an impression that Steven experienced when he meditated inside the Great Pyramid.

A final note:

We've received many fascinating letters from listeners describing their experience with this recording. We'd love to hear about yours.

Steven Jason Halpern: Prophet 5 Polyphonic Synthesizer, Chinese Gong, Electric Guitar, Chant
Victor Spiegel: Percussion, Dumbek, Congas, Hi-Hat Cymbal, Bamboo flute (3rd track only, side 1)
Dallas Smith: Lyricon (Wind Synthesizer) (track 3, each side only)
Richard Rasheed Horowitz: Morrocan Oblique Flute (in background)
Sande Hershmann: Tamboura

Cover Painting: Stonehenge II © 1979 Ascian

Recorded at The Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA
Engineers: David Porter and Roger Wiersema
Mix-down orchestrated by Steven Jason Halpern

This recording is part of Steven Halpern's "Dynamic Alternative" series. They offer many surprises and delights to listeners familiar with this other work. We invite you to experience them all. And remember, our money-back guarantee assures you of a sound choice. Please refer to our catalog for additional descriptions.