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Hats Off, Gentlemen!

Artist: Renaldo & The Loaf

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Rotcod Productions, P.rD3
Format: Tape
A1 Token Nudity  
A2 Ted's Reverie  
A3 BPM  
A4 Spratt's Medium  
A5 Honest Joe's Indian Gets The Goat On The Way To The Cowboy's Conga  
A6 Ow! Stew The Red Shoe  
A7 Hats Off Gentlemen  
Recorded Summer-Autumn 1980. A few copies made. Tracks credited to Bonsoir and Butex…temporary alter-egos.

"Token Nudity" is a short loop arrangement of Gregorian chant voices similar to part of "N2O (Going Under)" on Songs For Swinging Larvae.