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Hard Hearing #10 "Gravity Reversed"

Artist: James Boring

Year: 1995
Country: United States
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
  (Music For Dance)
A1 Flash Dark Dub  
A2 Danse Macabre  
A3 Caffeine Shuffle  
A4 3rd Pyramid  
  (with Fred Chalenor)
B2 Flash Dark  
B3 Gravity Reversed  
B4 2nd Fiddle  
B5 I Hear Your Potato  
You long to see the great pyramids in Egypt.

This is #10 in the "HARD HEARING" series of audio experiments by James Boring.

Side One: Recorded mid '95. Conceived as music for dance, though not in any composer/choreographer sense.

Side Two: Initial recording made Winter '94 w/ Fred Chalenor (bass and golf club cocktail strainer). Add. tracks recorded mid '95. "2nd Fiddle" features Mr. Pharmacist (drums) and Timothy J. Scarrott (bass noises).

Cover photo is of Xanti Schawinsky's Danse Macabre, presented at Black Mountain college in 1938.

Contact: James Boring
[address & phone redacted]

Clear cassette with professionally printed tape labels. Comes with j-card in standard case.