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Guy Schraenen Éditeur

Years running: 1973
Country: Netherlands
The publishing house Guy Schraenen éditeur (Antwerp/Paris) was founded in 1973. The publications are principally devoted to visual arts and sound poertry. Guy Schraenen éditeur published Artists' books, magazines, catalogues, postcards, multiples, prints, records and films. Numerous exhibitions of these publications have been organized. The publications are represented in most international artists' books collections. Schraenen's collection of published texts and artists' multiples, the "Archive for small press & communication" has been added to the collection of Neues Museum Weserburg Bremen.

Guy Schraenen Éditeur

In order to broaden the audience of the gallery by means of multiplication and distribution possibilities Guy Schraenen founded the publishing house GUY SCHRAENEN ÉDITEUR in 1973. It was situated in Antwerp, but equally active in Paris. From the beginning on it was important to him to release artworks which are not only based on image and text, but also on sound. Until 1978, he published artists' books, magazines, catalogues, postcards, multiples, posters, records and films in close collaborations with the artists who had complete freedom to conceive and produce their work. The affiliated PRINTING WORKSHOP served as a very early artist residence where artists were invited to explore, conceive and realize, among others, silkscreens, small offset publications and mimeographed works. For many artists it was the occasion to publish a book for the first time. Among the artists who collaborated with Guy Schraenen were Eduard Bal, Bram Bogard, Ulises Carrión, Lourdes Castro, Henri Chopin, Jean Degottex, Mirtha Dermisache, Peter Downsbrough, François Dufrêne, Brion Gysin, Bernard Heidsieck, Françoise Janicot, Ji?í Kolá?, Bernard Villers and many others.

Guy Schraenen Éditeur publications were regularly presented in exhibitions in the Galerie Kontakt. But also collaborations with international art institutions served this purpose.

Furthermore, Guy Schraenen Éditeur appeared for many years as member of "United Untied" at the Frankfurt book fair as well as he was invited to present his books at the Art Basel and the Art Frankfurt.