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Guided Missile Favorites

Artist: Larry Wendt

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Frog Hollow
Format: Tape
A1 Touching The Cat To Play The Guitar 7:39
A2 San Jose Sunrise 3:10
A3 San Jose Hot Spell 10:41
A4 Let's Go Down To The New Mall 10:01
B1 Ants 5:10
B2 Land Of A Thousand Dentists 6:35
B3 Rude Awakenings 8:50
B4 Desparate 7:19
B5 Someone's At The Goddamned Door 3:48
A1: Karplus-Strong plucked string synthesis.
A2: Sampling instrument using toy sounds made by John Hudak.
A3: Two-voiced waveshaping instrument with AM -- 4 passes.
A4: An eight-voice sampling instrument with AM and a Angell-Smith Resonator.
B1: Karplus-Strong plucked string synthesis & digital panning.
B2: A four-voiced FM controlled sampling instrument.
B3: FM, waveshaping, and Karplus-Strong with "stretch" extensions.
B4: Waveshaping, an eight-voiced sampling instrument, and FM.
B5: FM, noise impulses through a digital comb filter, and Karplus-Strong.