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Greatest Hits

Artist: Abgas

Year: 1982
Country: Switzerland
Catalog No: Gefahrenzone Records; GZ-4
Format: Tape
A1 Anarchy & Peace 2:50
A2 Sinn Vom Läbä 2:00
A3 Kleines Mädchen 1:15
A4 Ausklang 1:01
A5 Älter Werden 1:35
A6 It's Never Too Late For A Rütlischwur 1:33
A7 Chrüzlinge 1:47
A8 Aussenseiter 2:15
A9 Die Welt Ist Tot 2:45
A10 Münsterlinge 1:10
B Live Jugendhaus Kreuzlingen 21.2.1981 30:52
  • Bass – Thomas Leuch
  • Drums – Tomy Abschreck
  • Vocals, Guitar – Gary Sinnlos
Side A (Übungsraum/reherseal room): 10 songs, all Abgas had at the time - therefore "greatest hits"
Side B "Live-Gig im Jugendhaus Kreuzlingen vom 21.2.81"
Cover is an A4 folded piece of xeroxed paper.
According to Gary Sinnlos there were a 100 copies made, hand-numbered on spine.