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Golden Joy Club

Artist: Randy Greif

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Catalog No: Swinging Axe Productions
Format: Tape
Show Credits
A1 Devils Of Loudon 3:43
A2 The Hole To Heaven 3:33
A3 The Rift In The Earth 8:00
A4 Long Empty Afternoon 5:22
A5 Golden Joy Club 3:37
A6 Landscape With Stranger 4:06
B1 Procession 2:38
B2 The Potion 4:06
B3 This Is Not The End 10:27
B4 8 Days Of Bouncing A Ball 3:16
B5 V Is For Victory 4:47
B6 Black Bird 5:01
Per release notes:
Tracks A6 and B6 were composed for the film, "Landscape With Stranger"