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Go Mental

Artist: Danny and the Dressmakers

Year: 1980
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Tongue In Cheek Productions; none
Format: Tape
A1 He Slaps Goats  
A2 Lets Go Down The Golden Nugget  
A3 EBB + Flo In A Concrete Jungle  
A4 Lucille Ball Show  
A5 Gerry Anderson  
A6 The Rustle Of Spring (inst)  
A7 Listen You Dumbfuck  
A8 The Life Divine  
A9 A Chocolate Supreme  
A10 I Crashed Out Man  
A11 The Dutch Drink Bowls Of Spit  
A12 1092 Meals A Year  
A13 Young Musician Of The Year  
A14 Charles Bronson  
A15 Ballet Rambert  
B1 Ballet Rambert Cont  
B2 Be Cool Be Calm  
B3 I Want My Baby Back  
B4 Just Another Salmon From Grimsby  
B5 Namorata  
B6 Dog 27  
B7 Franks Wife  
B8 God Save Pylodelic Disco  
B9 Fly Me To The Moon  
B10 Another Baby  
B11 Henry Spencer  
B12 Wheres Me Fuckin GIRO?  
B13 Hanging Yourself  
B14 Miss Ellys Mastectomy  
B15 Finale