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Garçons Imaginaires

Artist: DZ Lectric & Anthon Shield

Year: 1985
Country: Belgium
Label: Black Box
Catalog No: BB012
Format: Tape
A1 Long Rainy Days  
A2 Women  
A3 Systems Of Transe  
A4 3 Garçons Imaginaires  
A5 La Chapelle Des Abîmes  
A6 Death In Bagdad  
A7 Leningrad  
A8 New Life  
A9 My Friends  
A10 Lustgarten  
B1 Girl (Suicide)  
B2 I Cut Her Eyes  
B3 Liquid Time  
B4 L'Ange  
B5 La Nausée Et L'Angoisse  
B6 Forgotten Boys  
B7 L'Eternel Retour  
B8 Nice Future  
Tracks recorded 1982 - 1984.