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Front Rock 1

Artist: Skeleton Crew / Reportaz

Year: 1984
Country: Poland
Label: A.R.S.
Catalog No: A.R.S.: A.R.S. 03
Format: Tape
A1 –Reportaz* Jacola  
A2 –Reportaz* Grandpapa's Little Image  
A3 –Reportaz* Battle Painter's Song  
A4 –Reportaz* We Are Asking Don't Repeat  
A5 –Reportaz* Lullaby For Impulse  
A6 –Reportaz* Explanation  
A7 –Reportaz* Ceremony  
A8 –Reportaz* You Have A Glance At My Shadow And Guess What I'm Thinking  
A9 –Reportaz* Good Morning  
A10 –Reportaz* Second Impress  
B –Skeleton Crew (2) Untitled  
Numbered, limited Edition of 57 copies.
B side recorded live At Students Club Reviera Remont Warsawa On September 25th 1984