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Frogs 1

Artist: Felix Hess

Year: 1982
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Taal Beeld Geluid; none
Format: Tape
A1 31-8-78, About 9.15 PM, Off Sheoak Rd, Belair, Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Litoria Ewingi, Ranidella Signifera, Limnodynastes Tasmaniensis, Limnodynastes Dumerili  
A2 21-10-78, About 11.45 PM, Brachina Creek, Finders Ranges, South Australia, Limnodynastes Tasmaniensis  
B1 15-5-81, About 8.00 PM, Kalamina Gorge, Hamersley Range, Western Range, Western Australia, Two Uperoleia Species (Probably)  
B2 22-5-81, About 10.30 PM, Canal Just S.W. Of Kununurra, Western Australia, Ranidella Bilingua, Litoria Rothi  
  • Artwork By [Cover Graphic] – Ranidella Bilingua
Recorded in stereo
Approx. 22 minutes per track
Dolby Noise Reduction processed
Tape: Maxell UD-XL II C90
For optimal playback results:
Dolby NR
Hi-Level Chrome/70µs EQ tape selector position
All rights reserved
? 1982 Felix Hess
© 1982 Taal Beeld Geluid™
Distribution Corps de Garde