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Frankfurt 11.12.1982

Artist: Tuxedomoon

Year: 1982
Country: Germany
Catalog No: Pope, Music, Productions Ltd.
Format: Tape
Spezification: unofficial
A1 –Unknown Artist Untitled 1:35
A2 –Tuxedomoon Prelude 1:12
A3 –Tuxedomoon Allemande Bleue 5:22
A4 –Tuxedomoon Courante Marocaine 6:58
A5 –Tuxedomoon L'Etranger 6:09
A6 –Tuxedomoon This Beast 10:16
A7 –Tuxedomoon The Cage 4:59
A8 –Tuxedomoon Birthday Song 5:15
B1 –Tuxedomoon Dark Companion 4:54
B2 –Tuxedomoon (Special Treatment For The) Family Man 6:48
B3 –Tuxedomoon Everything You Want 8:38
B4 –Tuxedomoon Watching The Blood Flow 8:09
B5 –Tuxedomoon Heaven And Hell 7:00
B6 –Tuxedomoon Again 8:26
  • Performer [Uncredited] – Blaine L. Reininger, Bruce Geduldig, Peter Principle, Steven Brown, Winston Tong
The Famous
Proudly Present


tuxedomoon. frankfurt 11.12.1982. 90 minuten. stereo aufzeichnung.

1. vorspiel
2. blaue deutsche
3. laufende marrokanerin
4. der fremde
5. das biest
6. der käfig
7. brüssel tag

1. mein dunkler begleiter
2. (sonderbehandlung für den) familien mann
3. alles was du willst
4. kucken wie das blut fliesst
5. himmel und hölle
6. wieder

Thanx to the Doc who recorded this in full stereo! - Made in Southern France

© Pope-Music-Productions 1979

(from the copied sleeve)

Track 1 is pre-concert tape music