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For Madmen Only

Artist: Warwick Factor

Year: 1989
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Cosmic Conspiracy Productions, Cabal C-009
Format: Tape
A1 N.Y. 1.30  
A2 Cages  
A3 F.F.  
A4 Wind UpVoice – George Andric  
A5 Die Water  
A6 Myth  
A7 Wasteland  
A8 Crowded  
A9 Sister Fretless  
A10 Pull The Trigger  
A11 Xtra 16th  
A12 The Rattle  
A13 Moonlight Bay  
B1 Eden  
B2 T.C.C.  
B3 Cracked UpVocals, Lyrics By – John Pealing  
B4 How Do You Redo  
B5 Wish  
B6 Submariner  
B7 Breathe  
B8 Lydia's Swing  
B9 Scoot  
B10 Your Eyes  
B11 2wo & 3ree  
B12 To The Resident  
B13 KeepSticks – Nadem NajarVocals – Matt Winter  
B14 Say Your Prayers  
  • Performer – Factor (6)
PEP MUSIC 1989 except Moonlight Bay by Porky and the Fellas