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Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
A solo project by Justin BROADRICK (b. 1969), a highly prolific English instrumentalist and composer, whose popularity peaked during his stints with NAPALM DEATH (1985-1987) and GODFLESH (1988-2002). He made his first demo tape at the age of 11, and debuted as FINAL in 1982, performing live and publishing his first recordings, clearly influenced both musically and lyrically by TG and MB. At that time, he was occasionally aided by a number of musi- cians, e.g. Philip TIMMS, Daniel JOHNSON and Paul N. Between 1984 and 1986 he used to run an independent cassette label, called POST MORTEM REKORDINGS, and renamed UPRISING PRODUKTIONS in 1985, through which he released upwards of 50 cassettes, with his own productions, as well as some lesser known industrial music acts. After 1985 he moved towards rock music and boldly adapted into antimusical aesthetics. In 1993, following a long hiatus, he re-activated FINAL. Fascinated with the works of Brian ENO, he brought an intriguing body of ambient music works, sonically com- plex and rich, produced with a guitar and drum machine. In 2006 he resu- med playing live after 20 years, and has worked with the likes of Diarmuid DALTON, GC GREEN and Paul NEVILLE since. Discography: Exterpite (Post Mortem Recordings 1983) tape Live Mission 1 (Post Mortem Recordings 1983) tape Desquamation (Post Mortem Recordings 1983) tape A Final Procecess Of Elimination (Post Mortem Recordings 1984) tape Maximum Hatred (Black Dwarf 1984) tape Inheritance (Anal Probe 1984) tape Assault (Post Mortem Recordings 1984) tape Live Mission 2 (Post Mortem Recordings 1984) tape Smear Atrocity (Post Mortem Recordings 1984) tape Execution Of The Will (Anal Probe 1985?) tape Live Mission 3 (Post Mortem Recordings 1985) tape Fight Back (Post Mortem Recordings 1985) tape To The Desinfectionraum (Post Mortem Recordings 1985) tape Live Mission 4 (Post Mortem Recordings 1985) tape Live Mission 5 (Post Mortem Recordings 1985) tape