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Fifth Dimension

Artist: SEP/8363

Year: 1984
Country: Australia
Catalog No: Party Sound Tapes, P.S.-33
Format: Tape
played and recorded by Brad Laner mid 1984
A-1   Our Child's Yeoman 1:03
A-2   Kelp In Heat 1:00
A-3   Jewish Ramen 0:51
A-4   Hillbilly Zitz 1:09
A-5   Imagination In The Laundry Basket 1:15
A-6   Heel Time Eats Water Crests 1:22
A-7   Malady & Kazoo On Parade 0:35
A-8   Xanoparo 0:52
A-9   Rimmed With Carrot Droppings 1:16
A-10   Sleazy Hospital Baby Stuck 0:50
A-11   Mawater 1:22
A-12   Quick Cooking Yam Paste 0:55
A-13   Exotic Penis Envy 1:22
A-14   Yodel Of Orgasm 1:15
A-15   Fonzie Is A Mastadon 1:05
A-16   Biker Common Emu 1:13
A-17   Robby Likes A Good Sandbar 1:35
A-18   Talk Some Backslides For Me 1:04
A-19   Daddy Goes To The Pink Fuzzy 0:45
A-20   Hamburger In Rapture 1:02
A-21   Limbo And Dogface Go To The Movies 1:00
A-22   Virgin Popcorn At Boiling Point 0:54
A-23   Under A Helicopter Waits Timothy Leary 0:53
A-24   Kal Kan In My Omelette 0:48
A-25   Ipimikak 1:08
A-26   Had A Bad Finch But It Died 0:57
A-27   Gamma Ray Kills New Guinea Man 0:47
A-28   Lunchtime In Nova Scotia 0:47