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Factor X

Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
Description: A project by Shaun ROBERT, an English composer of experimental indu- strial music, who debuted in 1983. An active participant of the interna- tional cassette network, through which he realised his anarchistic ideas of anti-art targeted on the domination of popular culture. He gained certain renown for his cassette releases, produced in cooperation with other artists. For a few years he closely collaborated with SCHIMPFLUCH GRUPPE. In his work he sought to explore the art concepts of John CAGE and the Dadaists. He employed prepared instruments, both acoustic and electronic ones, as well as everyday objects, mechanical toys and ambient sounds, in order to achieve unique sonorities within the bruitist conven- tion. In 1997 he ceased his solo activities for unknown reasons and has worked with other English projects, primarily MLEHST, since. Discography: E.T.A. (Factor X 1983) tape Everyone Wondering Who She Was (Factor X 1984) tape 022 (Factor X 1985) tape 026 (Factor X 1986) tape 034 (Factor X 1989) tape Roh (Schimpfluch 1990) tape