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Extreme Abuse

Artist: Gay Animal Women

Year: 1988
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: none
Format: Tape
A1 Awesome Atrocity Bloodbath  
A2 Excited By Agony  
A3 Deranged & Disturbed (Peter Kurten Mix)  
A4 Mutilation (Grunge Mix)  
A5 Brutal Mass Slaughter  
A6 Political Carnage  
A7 Doomed To Insanity  
A8 Maimed & Disembowled  
A9 Lust For Castration  
A10 Death Gore Butcher  
A11 Repulsion (Maniac Mix)  
B1 How Much Can You Take?  
B2 Anal Exterminator  
B3 Massacred By Death  
B4 Obsessed With Oblivion  
B5 Fanatical Crucifixion  
B6 Throbbing Excruciating Pain  
B7 Mutilation (Cosmic Mix)  
B8 Excretia Executioner  
  • Bass – Nihil (29)
  • Drums – K. Junior
  • Guitar – Scum Angel (2)
  • Vocals, Guitar – Stream Maggot*
Recorded June 1988. Possibly just Stream with a sampler.
Came with a number of Gay Animal Women flyers