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Extension De Los Significados (Album)

Artist: Interaccion

Year: 1984
Country: Spain
Catalog No: Interaccion
Format: Tape
A1 Cadencias 4:03
A2 Aelita 4:26
A3 Newton 3:05
A4 Ente 3:00
A5 Insomnio 4:48
B1 Cancion Funeraria Pigmea A Dos Voces 2:27
B2 Esta Vacio Tu Corazon 4:24
B3 Proceso Interior 2:02
B4 Sudan ... 3:04
B5 Fata Morgana 4:08
B6 Lupas Por Ojos 1:26
All songs recorded in 1980-1983 period. Tape released in mid 80's, date not mentioned on the cover.