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Erroneous Zones

Artist: Steve Ainsworth

Year: 1982
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: Tapeworm, TW07
Format: Tape
A1 In Loving Memory  
A2 Before & After Love  
A3 If I Could  
A4 Neon Light  
A5 The Insider  
A6 Waitin' For My Man  
A7 Breathing  
A8 New Pop New Style  
A9 Monkey  
A10 That's All For Now Folks  
B1 The Journey  
B2 Star Light, Star Bright  
B3 Arrival & Survival  
B4 Thoughts Of Home  
B5 Settlement  
B6 New Horizons  
B7 Invader's Chant  
B8 Sticks & Stones  
B9 Aftermath  
B10 New Horizons  
B11 Leave Of Absence  
B12 Cry Wolf, See Wolf  
Tapeworm Recordings / Carnival Records