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Eddy Merckz

Artist: Misz

Year: 1985
Country: Belgium
Label: MiszTapes
Catalog No: MiszTapes 2
Format: Tape
A1 The Wave Of Miszbehave  
A2 Roll Over Bhopal  
A3 Fear  
A4 Braba-Son  
A5 Eddy, Eddy!  
A6 (Za)Stava Home  
A7 The Heat  
B1 CVC: Out Of Hand  
B2 The Salmonella Song  
B3 Het Is Geen Werk  
B4 Qu'est-Ce Que J'ai Dit???  
B5 Verlaine Et La Belle  
B6 Of Coincidence  
  • Cover – Wim Verbeiren
Versions of these songs have been released before on Belgian cassette-labels: "Bhopal" and "Salmonella Song" by The Casette Factory (i.e. The Cassette Factory), "Fear" by Mad In Belgium (i.e. Mad In Belgium 1), "Geen Werk" by Cauchy Prod. (i.e. Cauchy Productions).

A limited number of copies come with the 'Catalogue Of Disasters' booklet, containing all lyrics and political collage-artwork.