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Ed Herrmann

Gender: Male
 Ed Herrmann’s professional background includes extensive work as an audio engineer, radio host, and producer.
In addition to his work as an audio engineer, he has composed music for dance, theater, and radio. His performances using the Serge synthesizer include duets with saxophonist Andrew Voigt, clarinetist Dwight Frizzell, and dancer Bob Beswick. He has performed with instrument designer Tom Nunn and is a founding member of the Edgewalker Ensemble.
As a composer and performer, Ed Herrmann has given concerts in the United States, West Germany and Yugoslavia. A goal of his live performance music music is to combine the disciplin and coherence of composition with the spontaneity and risk of improvisation. His music training is from the University of Missouri Columbia, where he studied Electronic Music and Composition with Thomas McKenney.
Herrmann is also active as a radio producer and presenter of new music. From 1976-1987 he was host and producer of Ionizations, one of the nation's longest running new music programs, on KOPN Radio in Columbia, Missouri. The Program frequently presents live broadcast concerts, and has commissioned new works and performances from such diverse artists as Charles Amirkhanian, Laurie Anderson, Douglas Ewart, Diamanda Galas, Sal Martirano, David Moss and Pauline Oliveros. Ed Herrmann's music can also be heard with Iron Lung.