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Eccentric Projections Volume two

Artist: Ken Moore / Stuart Rosenzweig

Year: 1981
Country: United States
Catalog No: Anvil Creations AC10
Format: Tape
Spezification: Tape 2 of 2-Tape Set
A1 Forgotten Algebra Of The Sky 13:06
A2 Wave Of The Future 6:50
A3 Against The Evil Eye 10:49
B Eccentric Projection 28:20
C Isotopes And Insanity 32:13
D1 Awaken From The Nightmare 6:37
D2 The Evil Eye Retort 10:31
D3 Trial Of Reverence 7:41
D4 Cadence To The Claxon 5:24
Companies, etc.
  • Recorded At – Anvil Creations Studio
  • Synthesizer [Micromoog, ARP Omni II], Violin, Electric Guitar, Piano, Percussion – Stuart Rosenzweig
  • Synthesizer [Minimoog, ARP Odyssey, ARP String Ensemble], Piano, Balafon, Drums, Piano [Open Piano Harp], Percussion – Ken Moore (4)
Recorded at ACS Balti., MD 1981.
This is part two of the continuous live recordings that Stuart and Ken recorded in 1981, five years after their first encounter with music. No bass player here, just two inquisitive musicians seeking ways to create new sounds, new music, and new expressions for words that fall short. These two releases, Eccentric and Projections, are the first appearance of these recordings since the beginning of the Moore/Myers project. Previously, only the track "Radius of Capture" on the album "To Come Into Being" was able to boast an open piano harp. Extensive use of this fascinating instrument is heard on the first track, "Isotopes and Insanity", which took up the entire first side of the tape.Stuart Rosenzweig-micromoog synthesizer, ARP Omni II, electric guitar, piano, violin and various percussion of all sorts. Ken Moore-minimoog synthesizer, ARP Odyssey, ARP string ensemble, piano, balafon, floor drums, open piano harp and percussion allsorts.