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Die Tödliche Doris

Gender: Male
Country: Germany
A German group, eluding stylistic classification due to its original fusion of avant-garde rock music, industrial music, punk rock and new wave. It operated from 1980 to 1987, initially with the irregular line-up of Käthe KRUSE (b. 1958), Wolfgang MÜLLER (b. 1957) and Nikolaus UTERMÖHLEN (19581996), Chris DREIER and Dagmar DIMITROFF on occasional basis and in 1982-1984 Tabea BLUMENSCHEIN (b. 1952), a recognised independent actor, painter and multimedia artist. The group pursued, with varying degrees of success, its ideas in diverse fields of artistic activity: film, drama, performance or photography. As their name itself suggests, it was primarily concerned with human death and sexuality as seen in the mythological context of the Eros/Thanatos correlation. Lyrically, its works were full of contrasts, serious motifs running alongside irony and coarse- ness while their musical side reflected that through its formal disorder- liness, sharp dissonances, noisiness and monotonous rhythms. Alongside EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN, MALARIA and Frieder BUTZMANN the group was considered a major representative of the GENIALE DILLETANTEN movement, a term borrowed from the title of a book by MU?LLER, a tho- rough study of the German independent music of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Although the group officially disbanded in 1987, its members went on to perform together for a few more years. Wolfgang MÜLLER has proved himself the most successful on a solo basis, becoming a prolific multimedia artist and an author of many books and publications on the obscure pheno- mena in contemporary and work of DIE TÖDLICHE DORIS.