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Didaktische Einheit

Gender: Male
Country: Germany
Description: A German group, formed in the 1980 in West Berlin, by a group of indivi- duals with very different backgrounds. Initially, their concept was not be a ”band” but rather a rhizome, an underground structure spreading bran- ches in all possible directions, and therefore the emphasis was on the ritualistic or the performance art type shows rather than actual music. The line-up was in a state of flux and so was the nature of their live shows, following the principle that every performance they were to give should be totally different from the previous one. The core members were Achim KOHLBERGER and Ralf O?STEREICH, who were aided by, among others, Volker SCHMID (until 1981); Sven KU?STER (until 1982); Michael BARTELS (until 1983); Inga SCHIFFNER (1982-1983); Adi SCHRO?DER (1982-1984) and Frank HEIZMANN (1982-1984). They drew inspiration from the indu- strial avant-garde of rock music groups, but also from the French group MAGMA, contemporary composers like Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN and Giacinto SCELSI and the writings by LAUTREAMONT, Gilles DELEUZE, Fe?lix GUATTARI, Alfred JARRY and Thomas PYNCHON. The instrumentation inc- luded all sorts of percussion, prepared or self-built guitars, bass, analogue synthesizers, tapes, as well as various sundry objects, e.g. hollow tree trunks, vibrators, toilet bowls, bricks etc. Over the years the group had numerous live shows and tours in the Netherlands and Belgium, and the original concept gradually evolved into a more music-oriented approach, where pure improvisation was shaped into ”songs” or rather sketches that were treated freely. The ever-changing line-up also consolidated into a set of core of members, with collaborators invited for specific projects. Never officially disbanded, the project slowly morphed into a band-like project under the name of I.A.O during 1984 and 1985. Discography: Dosis 1 (Didaktische Einheit 1981) tape Dosis 2 (Didaktische Einheit 1981) tape Dosis 3 (Didaktische Einheit 1981) tape Dosis 4 (Didaktische Einheit 1982) tape Dosis 5 (Didaktische Einheit 1982) tape Dosis 6 (Didaktische Einheit 1982) tape Dosis 7 (Didaktische Einheit 1982) tape Dosis 8 (Didaktische Einheit 1982) tape Live Music Hall 16.2.82 (?+RQ-J6 1982) tape Der Riß (Der Schlag 1983) LP