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De 12 Apostelen

Artist: Horst Rickels

Year: 1985
Country: Netherlands
Label: V2_Archief
Catalog No: V2_Archief; none
Format: Tape
A Untitled  
B Untitled  
This tape was released in a plastic jewel box in wich a languet is mounted that was taken out of an old harmonium. Inside the box are some transparent inlays with picture,a music-score and text printed on it in black and white.

The soundinstallation "De 12 Apostelen" originated in the project "Godenschemering II" that took place in the hall of the former factory V2 in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands in collaboration with Elviera Wersche.
Because of the affirmative character of "The Year of Music 1985" the projectweek of april 29th until may 4th 1985 was declared to "Day of Prayer for Croaking". This last is a comment on the drowsy celebrations on may 1st, but also to remember the 130st anniversary of the futurist composer Luigi Russolo.
The project was concluded with a performance on may 4th during a total eclipse of the moon.
One week later the recordings for this cassette were made. The performers were : E.Werners, J.P. Hochet, N.Pauli, S.Wubben, W.'tHooft, Jong, A.Adriaansens.
Sound : H. Rickels & J. Brouwers
The cassette is released by V2, Muntelstraat 23, 5211 PT 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. Tel.:073-137958.µ
Cassette-type: Cro2 C36.