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Das Cassetten Combinat

Years running:
Country: Germany
Description: "Very shortlived but influencial german cassette label, production company (O.U.T. Production), studio (Combinatsstudio) and shop from West Berlin, run mostly by the Kiddy Citny and Leffy Leffringhausen in 1981, but also sometimes by other members of Ohne Unter Titel. In 1980 Leffy bought a Teac 144 4-track recorder and they obtained the sound padding, when the West Berlin club ""Excess"" closed. Soon after the opened their 30 square meters basement studio. Everybody could record there for just 100 DM per day. Interested artists could have their work published, promoted and distributed via their label. In the tiny shop they also sold selected other tape releases, e.g. the work of Klar! 80. Their shop closed in early 1982, so did the label. In 1982 it was reformed as Das Cassettencombinat by Thomas Schmitt (4) and Thomas Scholz. Their catalog numbering system starts with the release year and then a continuous three-digit number starting with 011. With their tenth release they shortly changed to four digits, e.g. the tenth release being 810110. After three more releases they changed back to continuous numbering and three-digits. 81013 was Lemmy Und Die Schmöker (also referred to as ""Lemmy Und Die Schnöker""). 81016 was ""Heidiland"" (catalog: ""auf wunsch erhältlich ab 10 Expl."" - available upon request of 10 or more copies). 810113 (aka 81023) was Ohne Unter Titel - In Aller Munde, C30. 81024 was supposedly the compilation ""Der Autorisierte Untergang"" (""Musik zum Untergang Aller BASISgruppen aus West'Berlin"" - music for the decline of all BASISgroups from West'Berlin) . According to their catalog they planned a third cassettesingle by Sprung Aus Den Wolken (""10 Gebote"") to be 81028 and a compilation called ""Das War 1981"" as 81029 (most likely never released). Other projects in the pipeline as listed in their catalog were ""Meisterwerk"" (released!), ""Das Flackern"", Wroom (most probably Vroammm!, never released). "