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Crash Worship

Gender: Male
Country: United States
Description: An American group dealing in ritual industrial rock, also known under its Spanish name ADORATION DE ROTURA VIOLENTA (ADRV), started in 1985 by Simon CHEFFINS (b. 1966) and Markus WOLFF, who both had previously performed in BLOOD LAKE and KLUTCH. The band’s line-up was never fixed and over the years saw a considerable personnel rotation; the following, however, had the most influence on CRASH WORSHIP’s sound: John GOFF, Jeff MATTSON, Jack ”FAT” TORINO, Steve GRIFFIN, JXL, Adriana ”DREIKY” MAGANA, Brian NICHOLS and Tim NORTH. The band gained wide recogni- tion for their spectacular para-theatrical performances, often reminiscent of spontaneous pagan rituals filled with chaotic trance, ritual artefacts, fire and magical/occult symbolism. The unpredictable and destructive nature of these shows often resulted in police interventions and, consequ- ently, either disruption or cancellation. Their live sound relied on acoustic percussive instruments, supplemented with synthesized drones, synthe- tically prepared tapes featuring bruit sound collages and frantic vocals. Their albums, however, despite following similar aesthetics fail to evoke the magic and drama of the live actions. The members of the band ran their own record label ROCCO FRESCO, later changed to ¡ALARMA!. After the group disbanded in 2000, CHEFFINS focused on work with a freshly started music and dance band The EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND, while Markus WOLFF started two solo projects, NEBULON and WALDTEUFEL, and also became a member of bands such as PURE, A MINORITY OF ONE, BLOOD AXIS and L’ACEPHALE. Discography: This (¡Alarma! 1987) tape Hit After Hit (Rocco Fresco 1988) tape The Science Of Ecstasy (Rocco Fresco 1989) tape What So Ever Thy Hand Findeth - Do It With All Thine Might (¡Alarma! 1989) 12” EP Flow (¡Alarma! 1989) 12” EP The Science Of Ecstasy (Rocco Fresco 1989) tape Pillar Of Fire (Alamut Records 1990) 12” EP American experimental industrial-noise performance group founded in 1986 in San Diego, California. Crash Worship ADRV (Adoración De Rotura Violenta)'s live shows are infamous for their unrivaled & unlimited chaos and celebration. Led by a strong trio of drummers, the band creates an atmosphere of bacchanalia and total abandon. Their recordings explore different aspects of rhythm and psychedelia.