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Coup De Grace

Gender: Male
Country: Netherlands
Description: A controversial project of an American composer, publisher and journalist Michael MOYNIHAN (b. 1970). He began his artistic career in 1984, creating COUP DE GRACE, a solo project stylistically dealing in industrial avant- garde of rock music and power electronics. In 1988 he founded an indepen- dent label and publishing company STORM PRODUCTIONS, aimed at brin- ging to life the works of eminent European thinkers. He published Friedrich NIETZSCHE’s Anti-Christ with intriguing illustrations by Trevor BROWN, as well as literary works by Julius EVOLA and Selected Runic Writings by Karl Maria WILIGUT (a renowned Austrian occultist and an SS officer, who considerably influenced Heinrich HIMMLER’s worldview). In the second half of the 1980s he was invited to cooperate with SLEEP CHAMBER and NON, and aided them on stage. In 1989 he decided to terminate COUP DE GRACE and to start, with the help of Kelly COWAN, a new project, named BLOOD AXIS, whose debut, however, did not appear until 1995. The new composing formula he adopted relied on emphasising a pompous atmosphere, evoked through numerous samples of historical war songs, and a symphonic breadth of arrangement. All elements of bruitist aesthetics were made subordinate to stylistic means of expression, assuming the mere role of ornamental additions. The new music challenges did not, however, hinder his journalistic activities. In the early 1990s he intensified his correspon- dence with Charles MANSON and his associates: the former member of The MANSON FAMILY Sandra GOOD, a staunch disciple to MANSON’s eschatolo- gical concepts, and James MASON, a former member of the American Nazi party, from which he was expelled following his admiring article on Charles MANSON that drew parallels between his vision and charisma in leadership and those of Adolf HITLER’s. He also cooperated with Adam PARFREY and his publishing house FERAL HOUSE, through which in 1998 he released the famous Lords Of Chaos book, written by himself and Didrik SO?DERLIND, an in-depth analysis of the musical and cultural phenomena of the Scandina- vian black and death metal scene. In the second half of the 1990s he secured his position in the industrial culture, publishing several books and records, and increasingly cooperating with European neofolk artists. The ideological foundations that MOYNIHAN based his musical work on relate to a number of cultural manifestations of human existence: the origin, racial identifica- tion, spiritual identity and social mechanisms destabilising the primordial balance in the world. The very term BLOOD AXIS was meant to refer to the genetic aspect of the meaning of the symbol of blood in a variety of ways. For instance, blood may allude here to vitality, but it can also be seen as the reminder of death or it can be perceived in the context of human sexu- ality. The Judeo-Christian religious and moral system destroyed the original unity, which resulted in man’s spiritual disintegration and the confusion of the basic features of mental sensitivity at the level of materialized racial concerns. MOYNIHAN’s concepts were met with fierce criticism and were accused of intellectual flirtation with Nazi ideas, satanic iconography, and the affirmation of war as being the only effective tool able to cure the fatally diseased human species. Nevertheless, his work was a rich source of inspiration to many, and was immensely appreciated by European artists (e.g. ALLERSEELEN, DER BLUTHARSCH, FOLKSTORM and LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE), thus becoming one of the major artistic platforms for propa- gating the most sensitive topics in industrial culture. Discography: as COUP DE GRACE Commencement / Corpse Education (Coup De Grace Productions 1985) tape as COUP DE GRACE Anthems For Doomed Youth (Coup De Grace Productions 1985) tape as COUP DE GRACE Over Europe (Club Moral 1986) tape split with ALLERSEELEN Walked In A Line (Storm Productions 1994) 7” EP The Gospel Of Inhumanity (Cthulhu / Storm Productions 1995) CD split with ALLERSEELEN Ka?ferlied / The March Of Brian Boru (Stateart 1998) 7” EP Blood Axis 1989-1999 (Cthulhu / Storm / Misanthropy 1999) 2 x LP Unreleased / Surround Sound (Blood Axis 2000) CD-R collaboration with IN GOWAN RING / WITCH-HUNT The Rites Of Samhain (Blood Axis 2001) CD-R collaboration with LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE Absinthe, La Folie Verte (Athanor 2002) CD split with Robert Nicholas TAYLOR (Blood Axis 2002) CD-R collaboration with LES JOYAUX DE LA PRINCESSE Absinthia Taetra (Athanor 2004) CD Surrounded (Blood Axis 2005) CD-R