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Corrupted Bellybuster

Artist: IOSS (Jos Smolders)

Year: 1988
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Midas Music, tapes 08
Format: Tape
A1 Untitled 3:08
A2 Untitled 1:25
A3 Untitled 7:54
A4 Untitled 3:40
A5 Untitled 6:03
B1 Untitled 7:44
B2 Untitled 7:22
B3 Untitled 7:47
Limited edition of 100 copies. First 50 copies have handmade covers, second edition have standard Midas Music covers. No tracklisting.

"1A, B, C, 2A are remixes of material originally released as "I Could Be God" (DWT 04/05 1986). 2B was the intro of a performance together with MAILCOP at the V2 Organisation (1987). 1D and 2C are leftovers (1986). All material produced at E.A.R. Labs. THU20 is ...."