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Conceptual Reconnaissance / Recollection

Artist: Dave Clark & Walter Drake

Year: 1988
Country: United States
Catalog No: Evolutionary Music #0B
Format: Tape

A: Conceptual Reconnaissance

1. Caverna Industriala From #4

2. Bouncing in an Ornate Room #1

3. A Traveler's Journal Found in the Mountains #4

4. Reading from a Hidden Light Source #4

5. Inscribing a Figure With Wind #5

6. Unchaining Your Memories #5

7. Settling #1

8. Leaving the Giggle in the Vacuum #1

B: Recollection

1. Tibetan Garage Band #7

2. Feast of Sam Hain #1

3. Upon Returning to Your Kitchen #1

4. Introduction on a Rainy Terrace #7

5. Nostalgia-Peace while Ducks Laugh #2

6. Under the Columns, Moving Shadows #2

7. Eleanor: We Breath with Each Other,

   We Drink of Each Other #7

Improvisational Music by:

Dave Clark – Samplers & keyboards, Time Machine

Walter Drake – Guitars, samplers

Denver, Colorado, USA

This is a collection of music from our first 7 Projects. More to come.

#1 Vacuuming Your Left Shadow/

Poltergeists In the Kitchen

#2 Textures of Age/

A Premature Retrospective

#3 Escort Escargots/

Fried Chocolate

#4 Tibetan Book of Heads/

At the Drive-In In a Road Grader

#5 ...I Refuse To Go Up To the Attic/

Somnolent Walks

#6 Battery Operated Birds/

Neighborhood’s Factory

#7 Thought Climatology/

Evolution & Everything