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Civilised Society

Artist: Civilised Society?

Year: 1986
Country: United Kingdom
Catalog No: BBP Records, BBP 31
Format: Tape
Spezification: reissue
A1 Pansies  
A2 Last Caugh Last Laugh  
A3 The Fairer Sex  
A4 Its Getting Worse  
A5 Monotony  
A6 Carefree  
A7 Just A Dream  
A8 Tonight  
A9 Life After Work  
A10 Blotting Paper For Breakfast  
A11 Tonight  
A12 I Believe  
A13 Dont Leave Me Now  
A14 Monotony  
B1 M.P.'s Song  
B2 Let The Bodies Rot  
B3 Just Another War Song (For Just Another War)  
B4 Factory Slaves  
B5 Fashion  
B6 No Exit  
B7 Brainwash  
B8 T.V. Tradition  
B9 Let The Telly Rot  
B10 Crazy Town  
B11 Its A Crime  
B12 Little Animal  
B13 Home Is Where The Stench Is  
B14 Everyones A Loser  
B15 Civilised Society  
B16 Animals Have Rights  
B17 Life After Work (Is There?)  
B18 Carefree  
B19 Pansies  
Tracks Originate From.

Side A

1&2 - Unreleased Demo March '86
3&4 - Unreleased LP Recordings August '86
5-9 - Unreleased Demo October '85
10-14 -Previously Released As 'Who Would Have Thought' On Peaceville Tapes March '85

Side B

1-16 - Previously Released As 'You Must Be Joking' On Peaceville Tapes July '84
17-19 - Initial Rough Mixes Of LP Tracks August '86