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Artist: Gust de Meyer

Year: 1983
Country: Netherlands
Catalog No: Ding Dong Records And Tapes
Format: Tape
A1 Casiowork 1.1.1. 2:28
A2 Casiowork 1.1.2 4:32
A3 Casiowork 1.1.3 2:34
A4 Casiowork 1.1.4. 4:35
B1 Casiowork 1.2.1. 3:47
B2 Casiowork 1.2.2. 4:22
B3 Casiowork 1.2.3. 2:59
B4 Casiowork 1.2.4. 2:55
  • Music By [Casio VL Tone 1] – Gust De Meyer
"A new digital soundscape is rising above the acoustical pollution of the old, analogous one, integrating the sounds of portable digital machines: on the superpositioned rhythm of the time- and alarmsignals of digital watches, women are playing melodies using the sound of their pocket calculators while calculating prices in the supermarkets, children are playing their vldeogames on
the corner of the street, creating an instant soundtrack, doctors are called urgently by beepers, men are 'beeped' to take their pills... and everyone has its portable synthesizer at hand, at any place and at any time."

The casioworks are performed on Casio VL Tone 1, recorded (each track in one take) and mixed on a porta-sound Fostex 250 (without using any other equipment).

c & p Gust De Meyer 1983.

Design & copyright: R Schakel.

Cr02 dolby tape. Some copies are housed in a 'Casio'-looking oversized cardboard.